Mechanical, Plumbing & HVAC Industry Associations

As a leading provider of BIM, design/build services, commercial HVAC services and complex  industrial mechanical systems installations, UMEC (CA) makes it a priority to participate and  contribute to numerous industry related associations and memberships.  Through these UMEC's team retains access and contributes to today's most advanced technical information, educational resources,  tools, and industry trends.  

ACE Mentor Program
Architecture, Construction, Engineering

Developed to mentor high school students in pursuit of architecture, construction and engineering  careers, ACE reaches more than 8,000 students annually and is the industry's fastest growing high school mentoring program. UMEC's team's continue to contribute as board members, mentor-leaders and student mentors. 

AGC - San Diego
Association of General Contractors

Representing more than 26,000 firms, AGC is the leading association for the construction industry.  Nationwide, through a network of chapters, there are more than 26,000 firms made up of 6,500 general contractors, 9,000 specialty contractors and more than 10,000 service providers and suppliers.

American Subcontractors Association

A representation of subcontractors, ASA is dedicated to improving the business environment before all branches and levels of government, as a united voice, to organizations in other parts of the industry, news media and others.

ASA [San Diego]
Associated Subcontractors Alliance

As the local voice for subcontractors, specialty trade contractors and suppliers, ASA strives to provide educational and training opportunities, increase exposure within the local industry and serve as a community resource for various causes.

American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Founded in 1894, the ASHRAE society focuses on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the built environment. UMEC's engineers have served numerous roles in this organization for many years.

American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Dedicated to the advancement of the plumbing engineering profession, ASPE was founded in 1964 and focuses on the professional growth and advancement of its members, the protection, health, welfare and safety of the public.

California Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association

The voice of Southern California union plumbing and mechanical contractors offering labor negotiations, networking, education and advocacy programs.  Additional opportunities extend to high school and higher education institutions in an effort to prepare the future of the workforce.

California Society for Healthcare Engineering

The opportunity to communicate, through regional chapter meetings, annual meetings, newsletters and seminars, regarding the operational disciplines of the healthcare system.  Members include those directly employed in a healthcare facility or system as well as those who provide consultative, advisory, products or equipment to those facilities.

Design-Build Institute of America

A representation of the entire design and construction industry, DBIA defines, teaches and promotes the best solutions and practices in design-build.  Members include architects, engineers, contractors, owners, consultants, lawyers, students, teachers and more.

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

Focusing on public health and safety for more than ninety years, IAPMO offers assistance in developing and implementing codes, educational resources, product testing and certification as well as product evaluation and quality assurance.

International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Members from all aspects of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry contribute their expertise and commitment to the industry through the advancement of education and technical efficiency in forums, idea exchanges and with practical experience.

The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry

For more than 90 years UMEC has been proud partners with the United Association. The UA provides qualified, experienced pipe tradesmen and women have been trained and certified by the UA in various highly skilled capacities.

In an effort to serve the needs of more than 2,500 firms, MCAA provides members with educational materials and programs to improve managerial and technical expertise in the heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, piping and mechanical industries.

National Association of Women in Construction

Started in 1953 to form a support network for the small percentage of women working in the construction industry, NAWIC now provides opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training and public service.

National Environmental Balancing Bureau

Developed to assist in the delivery of High Performance Buildings, NEBB is considered the premier international certification association.  NEBB focuses to establish, promote and maintain high quality standards through certification of firms, professionals and technicians.

National Fire Protection Agency

Established and devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss as a result of fire and electrical hazards, NFPA began in 1896 and is the leading advocate, globally.  Delivering codes, standards, research, training, education and advocacy, NFPA makes it their mission to help save lives.

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

An international trade association of nearly 2,000 member firms throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil.  The goal, to promote quality and excellence within the sheet metal and air conditioning industry for the industrial, commercial, institutional and residential markets.  To improve performance within the industry, SMACNA provides professional assistance in labor relations, legislative issues, technical standards development, safety, business management and project management.

Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation

For more than 90 years UMEC has been proud partners with SMART (formerly known as SMWIA [Sheet Metal Workers International Assoication]. SMART continues to contribute skilled and experienced Sheet Metal craftsmen for the construction industry.  SMART has developed a reputation of providing professional training for workers focusing on skill and integrity.  Union members receiving training through a 4 year apprentice program, extensive classroom training and hands-on job experience.  

Society of Marketing Professional Services

Comprised of nearly 7,000 marketing and business development professionals from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry united to enhance business relationships within their companies.  As a result of networking, business intelligence and research, members gain an advantage in positioning their companies within the industry.

Women's Construction Coalition

Assembled to affirm and maintain the professionalism and successful business development of women in the construction industry.  WCC develops collaborative partnerships and mentors the next generation of successful leaders within the industry.