BIM (Building Information Modeling)


Always searching for new ways to enable more efficient facilities management, University Mechanical Engineering Contractors (UMEC) became one of the earliest adopters of BIM in the United States—resulting in consistent, timely, cost-effective project completion and delivery.

Employing more than thirty fully trained detailers and modelers—and with access to more than two hundred mechanical/plumbing detailers through their parent company EMCOR Group — UMEC has the resources to manage any large scale BIM project. We also offer our seven hundred-square-foot teleconference-ready BIM coordination room to any of our clients' in order to assist them in their BIM project needs.

Success through collaboration

At UMEC's dedicated coordination facility, owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, and other subcontractors collaborate to map out the BIM strategy and develop the integrated graphics and data system needed to analyze the facility through three-dimensional (3D) visualization. This process allows UMEC to:

  • Identify & Resolve Constructability Issues Early
  • Evaluate Various System & Equipment Options
  • Develop Efficient Trade & Purchasing Schedules
  • Maximize Prefabrication Opportunities
  • Coordinate Scheduling
  • Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate Redundant Work
  • Optimize Safety

Unique BIM capabilities

UMEC has the ability to prefabricate or modularize virtually any project. This includes:

  • Underground Piping
  • Complete Plumbing Systems & Fixtures
  • Hydronic Systems
  • Ductwork
  • Equipment Skids
  • Multi-trade Modulates
  • Hangers
  • Seismic Restraints

Progressive technology

Because of UMEC's unmatched experience with BIM, we're able to integrate Total Station and Laser Scanning capabilities with our preplanning process. In addition, our cloud-based document management programs allow each detailer and modeler to have instant access to the most current project data available.